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Belly Fat, Muffin Tops and Love Handles… really!

OK… so what does belly fat have to do with Real Estate?  Everything!  You see, you and I already know what an amazing machine our body is.  Its systems protect and support us in incredible ways.  Did you know that belly fat is connected with stress?  Yes, it’s true!

To quote Dr. Oz, “when you’re stressed, your body sends a message to your adrenal glands to manufacture more cortisol, a stress hormone. Higher and prolonged levels of cortisol can lead to more belly fat…”  The liver, (our filtering system), can become sluggish and not function at an optimum level, much like us, when it is stressed. So instead of converting our food into energy, it stores it as fat. But it’s not just about belly fat. In addition to having or developing a muffin top or love handles, we know from many studies how stress impacts our overall health. Strokes and heart attacks are just two huge additional negative outcomes when we don’t manage our stress. Of course, there are other consequences of not managing stress as well.

There’s no denying it— we can hide behind the mask of having it all together (to the outside world), but your body knows and it’s sending you signals.

Here’s my second gift to you this holiday season—  it’s a short Emotional Self Assessment:  Simply click on the link; go through the form and each hour, check in with your predominant emotion.  Indicate the emotion and the time next to it as you go through your day. Example:  9 AM-Happy; 1 PM-Frustrated, etc.

One way to manage stress, and protect your health, is to acknowledge your true feelings and not hide from them.

Especially at this time of the year when the demands from clients, family and friends are pulling you in twenty different directions – what is your emotional state?  As you begin to feel overwhelmed and/or overcommitted your emotions will serve as your guide… they act like a personal GPS system.  Your emotions, whether negative or positive, let you know whether all is well or sound an alarm. When that alarm sounds, (negative emotions), it’s time to stop for a minute or two, get in touch with your breath, and reduce the stress that your body is warning you about.

To learn more about how you can reduce stress, take back your life, feel free and happy, please join me on Dec. 16th at 1 PM EST for our FREE webinar.

Three Massive Mistakes Female Realtors Make That Keep Them Overworked, Overcommitted and Disconnected From Their Loved Ones. This one hour will have a great impact, not only on your business, but your life.

As we go into the whirlwind of the holiday season, I wish you calm, peace and joy.

To your success,

Norma Stratton
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How to Power Your Real Estate Career with Passion Rocket Fuel

Passion is the fuel that drives an enterprise forward.” -Michael Gerber

In Michael Gerber’s book, E-Myth Mastery, he talks about passion— passion for both what we do and why we do it. There’s a line in the book about how Sarah (who has been trying to grow her business) went from “Go for It” to “Get Me out of Here” all in the course of one week.

Do you ever feel this way? Not just in a week, but I bet sometimes, in the course of a day? I know I’ve been there. Continue reading

Are You an Adrenaline Junky?!

burnoutI bet you’ve not thought of yourself this way, but think about it…do you go about your day in a hyper-vigilant state with a million things to do, feeling like there’s not enough time, even if you’ve prepared a to­do list? Where you rush, rush, rush from one thing to the other and at the end of the day feel depleted with the to­-do list not completed? 

Does this sound like you? What if you could change this?

Guess what ?! The good news is that you can! You, and only you, have the power to change and control how you react to the stress in your life.

If you are under continual stress, chances are you are relying on adrenaline to keep going. Adrenaline, also known as epinephrine, is a naturally occurring hormone in the body. The hormone is  Continue reading

What Are Your New Year Real Estate Business Goals? Are You in Alignment?

It is my firm belief that we are unlimited.  That we can create anything and everything we want.  That we can move without resistance in our lives if we are inspired.  So how do we become so?

First we must manage our thoughts – this is the source of all creation.  Everything we see-that’s been created or experienced-was first a thought.

Are you in alignment?  What is your foundation? What are your values? Do you move throughout your day with grace and ease or is there a lot of resistance? How is your health? How is your business?  How is your prospecting? How are your appointments?  Are you in a state of grace, and move with ease, or is there resistance?  What are your thoughts?  Thoughts are creation…do you agree?   Continue reading

Real Estate for Women by Women – Coaching and Mentoring has Launched!

We launched!!  I’m delighted to share that our launch of Real Estate for Women by Women – Coaching and Mentoring  – my dream for the last 3 years finally came alive in December.  To kick things off, we sponsored a complimentary workshop – Learn to Dance with Life – to introduced our company and courses.  It was standing room only!  The feedback was great and we knew that there is a need for this kind of coaching in our industry.  Our first 4-session course of Learn to Dance with Life was a success and the feedback urged us to extend the course.

In January we will be offering an 8-session course where we’ll go deeper into what drives us, what stops us and a plan of action to keep both our professional and personal lives in harmony.

Thank you to everyone who attended!  And to those that couldn’t make it, please check out our website and look for our new schedule.  Plus we will be doing the course as a webinar to make it easier to attend.

To your continued success!!